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Research Resources for
African American History

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General Research

Montgomery County Burial Sites Inventory:

Montgomery County Historical Society:

Maryland Historical Trust Library and Archives:

African American Resources at the Maryland State Archives:

The Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture:

Resource Center at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum:

Historic Preservation

Research and Designation of Historic Properties:

Places from the Past: The Tradition of Gardez Bien in Montgomery County (inventory of historic properties in Montgomery County):

Maryland African American Heritage Preservation Program Grants:

Resources for Railroad Research

National Railway Historical Society, Washington DC Chapter

National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) Library Information Center, Transportation

“Records Relating to North American Railroads”
Compiled by David Pfeiffer, NARA’s Reference Information Paper No. 91 is a comprehensive survey of railroad-related material in the National Archives.

“Riding the Rails Up Paper Mountain: Researching Railroad Records in the National Archives”
A 3-part article by David Pfeiffer in the NARA publication, Prologue discusses how to use the records at NARA to do research on historic railroads. The essays cover a wide range of topics, from patent application files to accident report reviews.

“Working Magic with Cornstalks and Beanpoles. Records Relating to the U.S. Military Railroads during the Civil War”
Prologue Magazine article by David Pfeiffer on how the U.S. Military Railroads kept the trains running for the Union during the Civil War.

African American Genealogy

African American Genealogy:

African American Genealogical Resource Page (Alabama State University):

Black Genealogy:

Local History

History of the Nineteenth-Century Black Churches in Maryland and Washington, DC by Nina H. Clarke

History of the Black Public Schools of Montgomery County, Maryland, 1872-1961 by Nina H. Clarke and Lillian B. Brown

Black Historical Resources in Upper Western Montgomery County, Maryland by George W. McDaniel

Places from the Past: The Tradition of Gardez Bien in Montgomery County, Maryland by Clare Lise Cavicci

Research Resources for
Civil War History

Local History

Civil War Guide to Montgomery County, Maryland by Charles T. Jacobs

A Guide to Civil War Sites in Maryland – Blue and Gray in a Border State by Susan Cooke Soderberg

A Grateful Remembrance – The Story of Montgomery County, Maryland, 1776-1976 by Richard K. MacMaster and Ray Eldon Hiebert

Send for the Doctor – The Life and Times of Dr. Edward E. Stonestreet by Clarence R. Hickey

Montgomery County by Michael Dwyer

Civil War Trails